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The only "single-peak" Vitamin K2 in the world

lt's been almost 10 years since the last new synthesis path for Menaquinone-7 has been commercialised. The wait was undoubtedly worthwhile.

Now VitaSynth is challenging the market with its second-generation synthesis technology. Capitalising on our 12 years of experience in manufacturing and elementary research, we proudly bring in Pharmoquinone® range of Vitamin K2 actives and dilutions.

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Our Journey

  • 2006 Vitamin K2 introductory meetings at Vitafoods Geneva between Nattopharma ASA and EuroPharma Alliance

  • 2007 EuroPharma Alliance becomes sole distributor of Nattopharma in Central East Europe

  • 2008 MK-7 synthesis discussions at SupplySide West, Las Vegas between EuroPharma Alliance and Syntavit AS, future Kappa Bioscience AS

  • 2009 VitaSynth (a sister company to EuroPharma Alliance) is incorporated and signs MK-7 synthesis development agreement with Pharmaceutical Institute Warsaw

  • 2012 VitaSynth fills first-generation synthesis patent

  • 2013 VitaSynth sells the patent to Nattopharma ASA, retains the manufacturing rights

  • 2017 VitaSynth moves commercial production of vitamin K2 from Pharmaceutical Institute to own facility

  • 2020 VitaSynth fills second generation synthesis patent

  • 2021 Pharmaquione range is launched globally at Vitafoods Geneva

Product portfolio

Pharmaquinone® is the Menaquinone-7 active and a range of oil and powder dilutions:

Pharmaquinone® Active Ingredient

Pharmaquinone® Active Ingredient

  • >99% Active Ingredient
  • K2 as MK-7,
    Secondary Standard
Pharmaquinone® Samples

Pharmaquinone® Samples

  • >99% Active Ingredient
  • 1% MCT Oil sample
  • 1% MCC Powder sample
Pharmaquinone® MCT Oil

Pharmaquinone® MCT Oil

  • 5% MCT Oil
  • 1% MCT Oil
  • 0,15% MCT Oil
Pharmaquinone® MCC Powder

Pharmaquinone® MCC Powder

  • 1% MCC Powder
  • 0,2% MCC Powder

Order samples now

Pharmaquinone® >99% Active Ingridient

>99% Active Ingridient

500mg Sample

60 $

Pharmaquinone® 1% MCT Oil

1% MCT Oil

52g Sample

30 $

Pharmaquinone® 1% MCC Powder

1% MCC Powder

55g Sample

30 $

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Delivery time:

EU – 3 days
The world – to 10 days

Shipments are made by:



Assay >99% and Isomeric Purity >99%: this is the pharmaceutical definition of our product.

Other synthetic K2 products do not offer purity standardization and the "natural'' Vitamin K2 is standardised to 98% purity due to mandatory MK-6 impurity.

Quality USP

Pharmaquinone is >99% pure.

Our purity is supported by advanced analytics both for API and dilutions. Our UPLC method surpasses the old USP method (HPLC) in accuracy and selectivity. Our technicians can see more peaks as the actual assay - purity of a sample is always lower than reported by the USP method.

Verify our specifications:

PharmaquinoneR1% MCT Oil PharmaquinoneR99%-Active-Ingredient PharmaquinoneR 1%-MCC-Powder

The only „Single peak” vitamin K2


Analytical support

  • Supply of pure working standards
  • Independent Sample Testing programme
  • 1 Send sample to one of our Independent Testing Site

  • 2 Label the sample "VitaSynth Independent Sample Testing programme"

  • 3 Take advantage of discounted price for assay and purity testing

We follow these industry standards


The Capacity

Our capacity in 2021 ranges between 30-50% of current global synthetic K2 sales. In April we have doubled our production space in Warsaw. New production rooms are now being adopted.

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Synthetic vs natural

The largest K2 brands sold by pharmacists do not use “natural origin” narration in their marketing materials, however, there are still companies trying to persuade end-users to pay premium for “natural” K2, suggesting increased safety or absorption.

Synthetic process


"Natural" process



You may know these myths:


Our product is 100% „All-trans” vitamin K2


“All-trans vitamin K2” does not exist. The isomerisation of Mk-7 and Mk-6 takes place on every step of processing (drying, dilution, tabletting, encapsulation, storage) regardless of “natural” or “synthetic” origin.


Our product is 100% natural vitamin K2


“Natural vitamin K2” is a fully artificial product, designed by people and not existing in the nature. Nor the modified bacteria strain neither their growth medium exist in nature. The process is fully artificial ("man-made").


The Continuous Discount rules

  • Our Discount is applied for each including the first order based on your Trade Value.

  • Trade Value is the sum of current, unpaid order value and value of all paid orders in a given calendar year.

  • Trade Value combines for all SKUs and therefore discounts apply to every SKU equally.

  • With every new year, Trade Value resets.

  • Our Discount is calculated automatically without the need for any contract.

Our philosophy

  • 1 No need for written or oral commitments on future volumes

  • 2 No need for price bargaining for every order

  • 3 No need for special relations or special treatment

  • 4 Everyone has equal chances


The more you order the less you pay


Our Business Terms

Payment terms

  • 1 Check product availability with us

  • 2 Pay proforma

  • 3 Get the Order Confirmation


Dispatch terms

  • 4 Goods are insured and shipped by air courier

  • 5 Track your shipment online

  • 6 Monitor the custom clearance

  • 7 Examine goods upon arrival!

Safe supply chain

Our logistics are independent of supply from India and China as we have the capacity to effect 100% of the process in-house.

All production steps are performer in-house

All oil and powder dilutions are made in-house

Air and truck shipments are insured for 100% value


Stable stock of Active Ingredient in cold storage

The average global delivery time is 7-10 days (door to door)

The K2 market revolution has started.

tel: +48 22 602 22 29

Pharmaquinone® is a brand of VitaSynth.

Manufacturer: VitaSynth Sp. z o.o.
ul. Szałwiowa 2, 03-167 Warsaw, Poland

Dilutions site: EuroPharma Alliance Sp. z o.o.
Aleja Led 1, 55-020 Rzeplin, Poland